The studio

The studio is multiple places, which evolve around art
It is a studio, which is open for the public
It is a place where artist Maria Kollerup works with painting and sculpture.
And it is an art school in the Winther

It is a place with traces of history; the room remains rough-edged.
It has been used to drying clothes in the living quarters block.
Both walls and floor show evidence of this; clothes-racks hang upon the walls, the floor a study of its own –with strange cover plates and visible scars from different furnishing and usage.

The rawness, the many traces, the light from north and south, make the place an oasis.

If this wakes your curiosity, you are welcome to stop by.

Opening hours

Only by appointment


ART SPACE ⊗ Maria Kollerup
Kronborg 16E
DK-3000 Helsingør